Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yesterday and today

Yesterday was a game that the Mets never should have lost, and yet, as it was playing out, most people would have been sure that they were going to lose. Especially after the 5th inning.

The Mets had a 7-1 lead through 4 1/2 in Philly. You'd be excused if you thought the game was in the bag. Perhaps with a solid starting effort from Pedro, you would have been right. But control was an issue today; Pedro gave up 5. And so it was 7-5 with 4 innings to go.

And Mets fans know that a 2 run lead is rarely enough for the Mets bullpen. Stokes was okay, but Heilman and Schonweis gave up the tieing (9th inning) and winning (13th inning) runs.

The Mets ability to score in the first inning has gotten a lot of publicity, but what I have noticed is that they rarely score in the later innings.

That all changed today. Trailing 3-2 after 7, the Mets scored 4 in the 8th. Delgado hit 2 homers on the day; Murphy had a clutch double. Now this is more like it! The Phils bullpen is not unbeatable. Santana gave up 3 in 5; the bullpen, especially Stokes and Ayala, were solid.

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