Friday, August 15, 2008

Back in first

The Mets have benefitted from a good schedule to take three from the listless Nationals. After scraping in with a 4-3 win, they smashed Washington in the next two games (12-0 and 9-3). The bullpen became a non-issue, with Aaron Heilman safely protected a 6 run lead in the ninth inning of that third game.

Suddenly, the starters have been brilliant, and the setup men like Smith and Sanchez have been solid. The Nationals will make you look a bit better than you are.

But the Mets are hitting. Wright is seeing the ball beautifully and swinging with confidence. Dan Murphy is starting to hit homers. Beltran is out of his slump. Delgado is still belting extra base hits. Even Brian Schneider homered the other day.

I am severely disappointed in former Met Lastings Milledge. I thought he had real potential to become a solid player and was not in favor of the Mets getting rid of him. Now he is hitting .258 at Washington, so it seems I was wrong. I wasn't blogging at the time that the Mets got rid of Milledge, so there was no reason for me to admit this mistake - I must have a bit of honesty in me after all.

Now the Mets are in Pittsburgh to play another sub-500 team. I think the Pirates gave the Phils some problems a few days ago, so I don't expect them to be as easy to beat as the Nationals were. The game has just started and the Mets are up 2-0 in the third.

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