Saturday, August 2, 2008

playing games at Gameday

Somehow over at Gameday was messing with our heads. After Delgado was intentionally walked with 2 out in the 7th to put Reyes at 2nd and Delgado at 1st, Gameday reported the LaTroy Hawkins then intentionally walked Tatis! I was about the check the record books for the last time that had occurred when Gameday corrected itself. Tatis had not been given a pass. Instead, he was called out on strikes. The way the Mets pitchers are pitching, this almost seemed like where they opened the door to lose the game. Sure enough...Mets lose 5-4. This time, Wagner and Heilman blow the lead. And if Dan Murphy hadn't robbed someone of an extra base hit and turned it into a double play, Duaner Sanchez would have blown it earlier.

Each game, one or two bullpen pitchers find a way to blow the game. Consistently.

The Phillies won and extended their lead to 2 games. Any scientists noticing a trend here?

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