Friday, August 8, 2008

Reversal of form?

The Mets have gotten 3 excellent starting performances from Martinez, Santana, and Perez, and they managed to win 2 of them. Today, it was almost like a different Mets team was out there. Perez was his usual recent-form self, pitching 7 scoreless innings. The weird thing was that Aaron Heilman came in, pitched the final two innings, and, believe it or not, retired all 6 batters he faced. I assume this means the ball is coming off his hand well, which is the way he described his pre-all star break form.

David Wright, who won the game yesterday with a walk-off two run homer, came up today in the first with the brilliant rookie Dan Murphy on base, and had an interesting and aggressive at-bat. Swing and a miss. Swing and a miss. Swing...and another two run-shot! That was all the offense the Mets needed, but Delgado added a nice one-handed homer to left center a few innings later.

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