Sunday, August 17, 2008

6 straight on the road

The Mets have now extended their winning streak to 6 games, all on the road (albeit against lesser teams). Using a combination of solid starting pitching, clutch hitting, and an adequate bullpen, the Mets have beaten the likes of the Nationals and Pirates in Washington and Pittsburgh.

Meanwhile, the Phillies have been blowing leads. Their bullpen is experiencing a severe case of 'Mets-itis', and they call it. Now the Mets are in first, 2 games ahead of the Phils.

The Mets bats have been good enough to open up 4 to 7 run leads when needed, so last night, when Kunz came in and got belted, they had enough of a cushion to win anyway.

Speaking of Kunz, everyone was wondering why he was called up if he was only going to warm up in the bullpen and not get into a game. Well, he finally got in yesterday, and he went quite mad, giving up hits, hitting batters, etc. With Wagner coming off the DL, I hear he will be going back down to the minors now, where he can pitch regularly and hone his craft. I don't know anything about Kunz, but I do know that, in my opinion, Wagner is just not good enough to carry the Mets to a series. Just my feeling.

By the way, Johan 'the Ace' Santana pitched a complete game, 3 hit shutout today, and Schneider and Beltran belted homers.

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