Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Up and down

...but today was up. Santana gave up 3 in 7; Smith and Feliciano were effective, and it was the Nationals, so everyone looks better than they are in opposition. Beltran and Delgado had the big hits, but it was Easley getting hit in the helmet with the bases loaded that gave the Mets the lead.

Santana's last win was on July 27th (although he has been pitching well). He's got a 2.89 ERA, so this guy was definitely worth it, even if he has lost some pop on his fastball.

The Phillies lost to the Dodgers, so the Mets are a game out of first.

One of the great things about watching baseball on TV is how partisan the local broadcasters are. When Easley got hit, the Nationals play by play guys were siding with Acta, the Nationals manager, who was claiming that the ball had hit Easley's bat, even though at the same time, they were watching slow-motion replays that clearly showed the ball glance off the helmet and go nowhere near the bat!

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