Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mets find kindred spirit for their bullpen

What do you do if, like the Mets, your bullpen has the highest ERA in the majors? You trade for a reliever with an ERA that's 150 points higher! What do you do if your bullpen has the pitcher with the second most losses in baseball (Heilman with 7)? Not good enough! You trade for the guy with 8! Oh, man. At least that's what Jerry Manual said when he heard about Luis Ayala's stats for the year. Ayala is a once-talented 30 year old right-hander who hasn't been the same since an arm injury in 2006. He's a ground ball pitcher with good off-speed stuff, but it's a confidence thing. Ayala is another Minyana 'love child', having pitched well for the GM when they were at the Expos. Kunz will be demoted to make way for Ayala.

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