Thursday, September 4, 2008


Believe it or not, I am now closer to the Mets than I was a week ago, and yet my ability to see, comment, and blog is reduced.

I am currently stationed in North Carolina, headed toward New York, but the house I am in does not have access to the Mets cable channel, and the internet access and computer are too slow to even try to watch highlights from the web.

But from what I have been able to glean, here is my summary of the past week:

1- The Mets are slowly pulling away from the Phillies, despite the fact that the Mets have been playing the healty Brewers at Milwaukee, and the Phils have been playing the Nationals.

2- If Ryan Church can stay healthy, the Mets have a much better chance of success.

3- To win games, keep Aaron Heilman off the mound.

4- The lineup seems to find a new clutch hero every day. The big hitters (Delgado, Betran, and Wright) are sharing duties well.

5- Stokes and Ayala have so far proven to be great pickups.

On Friday, the Phils come to town at a bad time for them and a good time for the Mets. This is a series that calls out for a sweep by the home team, which would mean a 6 game cushion and a real chance of holding on.

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