Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's all over (until trade time)

I woke up this morning unsurprised to find that the Mets had lost their final game at Shea and missed out on the playoffs. For about a week, I felt in my bones that this would be the end result. In typical 2007 - 2008 fashion, the Mets lost when their bullpen (Schonweis and Ayala) couldn't hold a lead (a tie in this case) and when their hitters again failed to generate any offense late in a game.

Minaya needs to get a closer or two, as well as some experienced utilities that can pinch hit in late innings and get the Mets offense going. It may be time to look at dealing Delgado while he still has some value; his slow start to the year while the Mets pitching was a little less problematic was one of the reasons why the Mets were in position to blow it again.

Heilman has to go. And this is probably the last year for Pedro Martinez.

The Mets have some decent arms coming up from the farm, and at least one good hitter. In a weak NL east, I'm sure they can contend again next season.

And maybe they can reach the playoffs, and get that monkey off their back.

Goodbye for now. I'll be back as news and trades unfold.

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