Thursday, July 17, 2008

Was it really 39 years ago?

During the Mets current streak, one article mentioned that the Mets pitchers were pitching ' they did 39 years ago.' Was it really that long ago? The memories, or, more accurately, the warm feelings of joy - are still intense.

39 years ago, it was 1969. I was 11 years old, and the Mets were a little younger than me: just a child of a team. They had struggled through 7 unimpressive years of some wins and many more losses. As a child, I didn't care. I loved that team. So did their many fans. I loved them as losers, which made loving them as winners that much more enjoyable. A baseball miracle happened in 1969; the perennial cellar dwellers came from nowhere to win the World Series. For many children, it was a dream come true - to have the team you love win everything. It made you think that anything was possible. A man walking on the moon? Easy. The Mets winning the World Series? Why not!

So thanks to the 2008 Mets, who wear the same uniforms as their predecessors did 39 years ago, and, now...they can say that they are pitching the same way too.

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