Saturday, July 19, 2008

Say NO to All Star Games

I'm probably not the only Mets fans who wishes there was no such thing as an all-star game - and an all-star break.

When the Mets were sailing before the break, I wondered if they would be able to continue their run afterward. Why change anything when things are going well? Well, they did manage to win one more game after the break, but even in that one, big cracks were beginning to show in their starting and relieving pitching. Sure enough, now they have lost two in a row, in a style that suggests that they may have fallen back into familiar, negative patterns.

Once again today, the pitchers were ineffective (although Oliver Perez pitched 6 solid innings. But Aaron Heilman, who said before the break that the ball was leaving his hand beautifully, was unable to close the door, and a big Reds inning became bigger. And now the bats have become silent.

Hopefully, this is only a blip, and the Mets can turn it around quickly. The Phillies helped out by losing, so the Mets are still only 1 game out.

Here's a link to an article on today's game

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