Sunday, July 27, 2008

Same old weakness (pitching)

I suppose the Mets got what they expected from Brandon Knight. He gave up 4 runs in 5 innings, not exactly settng the world on fire, but probably as good as you would expect from a guy who has only been able to get a handful of major league innings in his 10 year career. Despite the mediocre effort, the Mets bats, led by Delgado and Tatis, still managed to tie it after 9. But this time, Aaron Heilman gave up the winning runs. Has Heilman ever been effective? Sorry, I don't have the knowledge of recent Mets history on a day to day basis like some of you people.

I'm being lazy; I'll look up his stats on

Okay. It looks like Heilman is having an off year (1-4 won-loss, and ERA at 4.70) after 3 straight years when his ERA was 3 and change.

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